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Art Journaling Re-Invented: Cultivating a Creative Practice
Coming soon! Spring 2023


I'm so very excited to offer a 4 week art journalng course that you will be able to do on  your own time in your own space.  This course will guide you into this creative practice that has supported me for years--a space to play, experiment, write, deconstruct and recreate, be big and loud and quiet and private, to add layers and layers and leave things unfinished. To be imperfect, messy, angry and irritated. To remember moments that matter and find power in moments of powerlessness--and so much more! 

You will be guided through video recordings and supported with weekly musical playlists and prompts.

As the finishing touches are being put on this course for you, please enjoy a free guide to jumpstart your own creative practice. Click on the link below!  And stay tuned for many more courses to come.





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