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Creative Body Mapping for Climbers
navigating the mind/body landscape 


Calling all climbers looking to expand your creative edge in your world.


Do you have a pull toward visual expression, self exploration, and deeper mind, body spirit connection to your climbing experience?

*Do you feel blocked in your climbing and life pursuits and are unsure why?

*Do you want more awareness of what your comfort, stretch and danger zones are?

*Do you know your body cues and what it looks like, feels like, sounds like in your body in each zone?

*Have you considered that your creativity, climbing and your life are closely linked?

*Have you had an event or trauma that has shut down your courage?

Mountain Cliff Hiker

This course is for you if...


*You want greater expansion and trust in your body and mind.

*You need more space to play in your life and in your climbing routines.


*You long to trust your intuition...Yet struggle to do so.

*You need a visual language for all the parts of your story that don't have words.

Creative Body Mapping for Climbers

An integration of process art, climbing practice, creative writing and mindful presence.

Let's get real with each other and merge our fierceness and sensitivity. Relax our ego and live courageously into the painful as well as expansive corners of our lives that are reflected on the rock. The rock is merely a mirror of our lives. What do you see?

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For inspirations, reflections, resources, art and upcoming events for the soul.

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