Grand Marais Art Colony Workshops
Grand Marais, Minnesota
October 14-16, 2021

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north shore

Come join me and the Art Colony for up to three days of a process art experience on the beautiful north shore of Minnesota. It is a retreat that participants continue to come back to year after year because of the uniqueness of the experience and the location.

Working in helping roles throughout my life, I've often been side-by-side with others who are nearing burnout.  I come in contact with people who have raised children for years and are entering a new season. People share with me that they "used to create" -paint, play music, write, explore...but don't have time anymore or forgot how. I also talk with people who want a fresh perspective this season of life, who are managing chronic pain or grief, or a new diagnosis; who are buried day after day in high levels of stress. I don't know about you, but I want to be able to live a life of passion all my years--and to sustain, to not burn out or have the creative life force in me pushed into a locked corner closet. I want to support other people in living life fully alive. This is my heart behind the workshops that I offer. I hope you'll consider joining!


This retreat in Grand Marais is perfect for caregivers, professionals, nature lovers, artists, athletes, therapists, teachers, social workers, youth workers, students and more. You don’t have to have experience as a painter—all you need is desire to re-connect to your creative, intuitive energy and strength, to be in nature and community, and to re-fuel and rejuvenate your soul.

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