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Hello! I'm Bevie.

I am a maker and creator; and I get lit up by integrating all layers of life into creative expressions through process art.  I'm also an adventurer and expander of the body, mind and spirt. I think it would be incredible to live in a world where every person feels an abundance of resources, energy, skill, creative power, life and light.


When I can live from this center, I'm able to inspire, nurture and feed the souls of others alongside my own soul too. Intuitive intelligence, curiosity and a somatic sense of power and safety become resilient pillars in our lives.  So when the waves crash down—cancer, illness, grief, financial or relational distress, we can all be ok.  All of this and over 25 years of working with the messy and beautiful fabric in humans, lead me to create ArtfulSoulscapes.  


On a day off you might find me in nature creating art, rock-climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, snowboarding or skate skiing, doing yoga, or making music.  It's in these places I have reconnected to my own resiliency, integrated faith, and authentic voice.  My deepest passion is helping others also discover their strength, contentment and meaningful participation in their lives.

And so I invite people of all ages into the transformative power of somatic process art, the natural world, adventure and experiences abroad.  I hope you will join me on the journey!

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