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I love supporting all who want to deepen their creative work through:

*Art-based individual supervision while working toward their ATR.

*Consultation for licensed professionals seeking to find their own niche as a creative therapists. ​

process painting4

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Supervision Focused Process Painting

Upcoming Workshop TBD


An environment void of pressure can free mental and emotional blocks and unleash strengths, personality, intuition and creativity.  All experience levels are welcomed and can benefit from this workshop.  This class is specifically for post grad Art therapists needing supervision credit or Art therapists currently working in the field


Come express, process, gain support, encouragement and empowerment in your work as an Art Therapist through your painting process.

- Receive 4 hours of supervision credit

- Create on one surface throughout the class using mixed media

- Discover how your surface reflects your journey as a healer.

- Connect to your internal wisdom, through writing prompts and instructor guidance

- Choose a relevant theme in your therapist journey to focus on through the lens of your canvas (ie)processing self as therapist or a specific client, workplace or professional season of life experience through the process painting.

- Weave themes such as mindfulness, acceptance, trust-in-self, and therapist growth as journey rather than a destination into your painting process.  

- Leave with numerous ways to begin and to find deeper connection to your work with clients.

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