Healing with the Elements

August 20th, 2020 

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Healing with the Elements

Let's face it—life is complicated. Through life we navigate through all kinds of challenges involving self-doubt, dispassion, rigidity, disconnection, and self-expression.  By working with the basic elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) we cultivate inspiration and understanding, which can shed layers of suffering and create openness.  This workshop weaves together creative processes and yoga which offers you an experience of the elements through the body.  You'll also get to create a unique artistic creation that connects to each of the elements that you can take home with you and continue to ground, root, and energize you.

Earth- Relationship to the physical world such as the body, material objects, food, and money. Working with this element can be healing for addictions (of any kind), fear, body image, and attachment.

Water- The element of adaptability, transition, letting go, and flow.  Associated with creativity and emotions. The water element in balance is creative, connected to inspiration, and able to move forward from obstacles and failures.  Out of balance the water element shows up as rigidity and stagnation.

Fire-The element is associated with transformation, passion, and courage. The fire element in balance may show up in people as confidence, courage, and good boundaries.  Fire out of balance can show up as overly controlling, excessive anger, or apathy.

Air- The element of change, authenticity, and trust.  The air element in balance may manifest as connection to others, ability to manage energy, and a feeling of aliveness and engagement towards life. Out of balance air may manifest as exhaustion, loneliness, and anxiety.

Ether- Is spaciousness and emptiness.  It is through ether where absolute clarity and wisdom bubbles to the surface. The ether element in balance may show up in one’s ability to connect to something bigger than oneself such as life’s purpose, deep wisdom, spiritual understanding, and divine inspiration. Out of balance could show up as disconnected, unsure, scattered, or confusion

Laura Adrian founder of Whole Life Elevation is a healer, yoga teacher, and inspiration to all who seek to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs.  She has years of experience studying the healing process in her own life and with clients.  Laura is an avid outdoor adventurist and has experienced first-hand the healing power of nature.  To learn more about Laura, read her full bio here. 

With more than 20 years facilitating experiences with people of all ages, Bevie has worked as a youth worker, wilderness therapy instructor, art and outdoor educator, cross-cultural worker, and most recently as an independent artist and Art Therapist.  Her passion and joy is to help people heal and come to life through creativity and experiences in the natural world through mentoring, teaching, guiding, and inspiring.  She enjoys exploring her surroundings both locally and internationally through her artistic lens and outdoor pursuits such as rock-climbing, backpacking and canoeing.

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