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June 3rd: 5:30-8:00pm
All levels are welcome!

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Registration opens March 17th

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Let's face it—life is complicated. We navigate all kinds of challenges involving self-doubt, dispassion, rigidity, disconnection, and self-expression.  By working with the basic elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) we cultivate inspiration and understanding, which can shed layers of suffering and create openness.  This workshop weaves together creative processes and yoga which offers you an experience of the elements through the body.  We will explore and create balance through the process and qualities of the art materials  and through our yoga practice.


*Process art and yoga sessions that correspond to the 5 elements of Ayurvedic wisdom

*Art prompts to support the ongoing practice

*Guided meditation to restore a calm focus and promote ease

*Resources to support ongoing integration of ayurveda, yoga and art experience

*Opportunities to notice both the subtle and gross imbalances within and to harmonize the mind/body/spirit using creativity and yoga

*Support as you journey through process art experiences helping you to sense and feel the grounding, energizing, soothing and healing elements in and all around you

*Being in your body and not in your head


LOCATION: At your home or in nature--your choice; accessed through a zoom link.


 Relationship to the physical world such as the body, material objects, food, and money. Working with this element can be healing for addictions (of any kind), fear, body image.  As working with earth element helps us find stability when in balance and to soften our obstinance when out of balance.


The element is associated with transformation and digestion of all our experiences and emotions as well as in our physiology. The fire element in balance may show up in people as confidence, courage, and good boundaries.  Fire out of balance can show up as overly controlling, excessive anger or arrogance.


The element of adaptability, transition, letting go, and flow. Associated with creativity attachment and emotions. The water element in balance is creative, connected to inspiration, and able to move forward from obstacles and failures.  Out of balance the water element shows up as rigidity and stagnation.


The element of change, authenticity, and trust.  The air element in balance may manifest as connection to others, ability to manage energy, and a feeling of aliveness and engagement towards life. Out of balance air may manifest as exhaustion, loneliness, and anxiety.


 Is spaciousness and emptiness.  It is through ether where absolute clarity and wisdom bubbles to the surface. The ether element in balance may show up in one’s ability to connect to something bigger than oneself such as life’s purpose, deep wisdom, openmindedness, and divine inspiration. Out of balance this element could show up as disconnected, unsure, spacey, scattered, or confusion.


With nearly 25 years facilitating personal growth experiences with people of all ages, Bevie has worked as a youth worker, wilderness therapy instructor, art and outdoor educator, cross-cultural worker, and currently as an independent Artist and Art Therapist.  She intentionally guides people into their intuitive intelligence through process art and nature based experiences focused on body sensation, kinesthetic movement, creative writing and mixed media art practices.  Exploring her surroundings both locally and internationally through her artistic lens, yoga and outdoor pursuits such as rock-climbing, backpacking and mountain biking fuel Bevie's creative inspiration and work.  It's in these places she has discovered her own resiliency, integrated faith, and authentic voice.  Her deepest passion is helping others also discover the depths of their strength, contentment and meaningful participation in their lives through intuitive engagement with creativity and the natural world. 

Jill Lacher lives in San Jose, CA.  She is a Yoga Therapist, focused on holistic care, to address the whole person and identify the root cause(s) of imbalance.  By considering the mind body spirit connection,  she uses trauma-informed yoga as a therapeutic modality that utilizes many tools of yoga, including breath work, physical postures, meditation, energy work, mantra and lifestyle suggestions. Outside of her love for nature, animals, art, family, good friends & food, Jill finds great joy in supporting others in their journey of self-care, and discovery; restoring balance and a grounded sense of peace that can be drawn upon in life. 

Jill completed the Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy program at The Niroga Institute in Oakland, CA. Prior to Niroga’s education, her regular practice of yoga had led her to The White Lotus Yoga Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA, where she received her 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification.

Jill teaches both private and corporate yoga, as well as, offers Thai Yoga Therapy Massage. 

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