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  Abundantly Free:
Art Journaling
Your life in living color

This is an out of the box art journaling e-course that will support your mind, body and spirit, and jumpstart
and sustain your creative practice.


Do you have a spark of creative curiosity?

Do you want to deepen your experience as an artist and ignite a dormant flame?

I see you.


You are colorful and strong, yet sensitive soul in need of a place to explore, to play and to be free from expectations and perfection in your life.


    You wonder what your creative style is but find yourself stuck by the end product blues. 

    You crave space, structure and support to explore, experiment and value the process.

     You're curious how to befriend all parts of you and your story?

I will guide you into this "abundantly free" creative practice that has supported me for years; a space to play, experiment, write, deconstruct and recreate, be big and loud and quiet and private, to add layers and layers and leave things unfinished.

Calling all adventurous and curious souls who want a creative practice to celebrate strength and transform stormy seasons of life; and to find their creative style in the middle of the mess.  

This is for you if you want to move out of the periphery of your life and into the driver's seat.


Sound like you?


Are you hungry to feel whole, stable, courageous, and free, but feel limited by a sense of scarcity of resources, confidence, power, knowledge or support?


Do you find ground, peace and power through meditative, reflective and consistent healing practices?

Are you seeking a visual language to explore your authentic story.


Do you long to reduce stress, build resiliency, process life, and transform emotions?

I hear you. I've lived these needs and desires in
corners of my own life and have cultivated a creative
incubator to share with you just for this reason!


This is a flexible and transient creative practice that can support you anywhere--out in nature, in a car, bus, plane, or corner of your home. 

Come live courageously with me!

Experience expansion and trust in your creative voice and in your life.  You'll learn the textures and colors of your emotions as you feel into your comfort zone, walk the edge of your stretch zone, and learn how to

navigate, soothe and respond to your danger zone;

all through the art journaling fun!



  You long to trust your intuition...Yet struggle to do so.

  You desire greater emotional stability--and long to transform anxious or depressed energy through the back door of "play."

  You feel safer "trying things out" on a smaller surface before working on a large canvas or in another realm of your life?

  You've tried standard journaling and want a practice that moves you out of your head and into your body.

This course is for you if...


You Will Receive:


  Pre-recorded lessons in various natural and creative spaces 

Musical Playlists

Downloadable PDF's

Guided Meditations

A plethora of writing and art prompts 

All that correspond to the 6 areas of my art journaling practice!


How it works

This is a 6 session program that corresponds to these 6 areas of my own art journaling practice. 

1. Cultivating a Creative Practice

2.Curious Contours of Entry

3. Adventures for the Bold at Heart

4. Your Life in Living Color

5. Finding your Style

6. Give me a Bridge.


Why I'm your guide!

It's in the layers of my own creative process that I can understand the internal and external challenges you might face too. My own "life in living color" art journal practice over the past 12 years leads this tribe; As does my love for expanding, guiding, encouraging and sharing my experience with you!  As I tune into my own intuitive wanderings, body awareness and knowledge about the expressive arts continuum and nature's wisdom, I bring to life each layer of this experience.  I offer my background as a nature and body based, creative healer, an authentic human, and as a traveler and adventurer as a backdrop to this art journal experience.


The voices of others...

"The instruction was outstanding!

So generous, gentle, but at the same time powerful and inspirational...I started out in one spiritual place and finished the workshop in another."

"I reconnected with areas within myself that have been really "orphaned" and neglected for quite some time.  Thank you so much for guiding us beautifully and providing such a wonderful container.

"I received so much from the class the only bummer being it went too quickly! I experienced this artful approach to journaling to be very satisfying and cathartic...Bevie is truly a gifted instructor with so much knowledge. It's clear she is doing the work.  I enjoyed everything about her as a person and as an instructor."

Breaking it down!

Each of the 6 (1.5 hour) live sessions as well as multiple "mini lessons" are recorded in my own art studio, in spaces I roam in nature and around the world. The sessions will be infused with art and writing prompts, guided meditation, musical playlists, and pdfs. Whether you invest all at once or one session at a time, you will be supported with layers of guidance, inspiration, and structure to give you the keys to unlock your own creative freedom.

Note: You do not need to be present for the live sessions to access the content

2024 Live session dates (all listed in Pacifc Time Zone)
May 1st: 9:30-11:30am 
June 5th: 9:30-11:30am 
July 10th: 9:30-11:30am 
August 21st: 9:30-11:30am 
September 18th: 9:30-11:30am 
October 9th:  9:30-11:30am 

Your Investment


Abundantly Free


(Individually purchased sessions)


$20 discount with promocode: ABUNDANTLYFREE

Choose which chapter/session fits where you are at in your journey.


Live sessions (also recorded), video mini-lessons, downloadable PDF's, musical playlists, art and writing prompts, and guided meditation all included for each individual session.

Abundantly Free E-course: 

Total Bundle

(6 sessions all at one time)


$100 discount with promocode: ABUNDANTLYFREEBUNDLE

A 6 week course including live sessions (also recorded if unable to attend), video mini-lessons, downloadable PDF's, musical playlists, art and writing prompts, and guided meditation



Private Session Add-on


60 minute online individual sessions to support your creative journey, ask questions and gain support around parts of your story that may be emerging in the art journaling process.

Some insurances accepted. Please inquire


1. How long will I have access to course content?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

2. Can I purchase individual course sessions in any order?

Yes! This is to support those who may have already attended a worshop, retreat or individual sessions and/or have an art journaling practice foundation currently.

3. Can I purchase all 6 sessions before they have launched?

Yes! If you know you'd like to follow with me on the complete launching journey you can purchase all 6 sessions for $499 rather than $99 per session.  As sessions are launched you will be given the password to each page of the course.

4. How will I access the content to each full session?

After you have registered, you'll receive a password to access the course page full of all the juicy content.  You will also receive a link for the live zoom portion of the course if you choose to join.  The live portion will also be recorded and accessed on the course page.  





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