Creative Art Journaling and Journal Making Workshops

These workshops will energize you through creative play.  Participants re-purpose an old book into an art journal or create personalized journals using re-claimed materials, including cardboard, paintings, yarn, twine, fabric, and elements from nature.  I guide them through the group process.  Experimentation with materials and supportive writing prompts open up self-exploration, insight about life journeys, and resiliency against stress.  

This is one of my favorite ways to nurture my creative practice, reduce stress, build resiliency and strength, process life, express emotions, and just play and experiment without pressure.  Art journaling is a form of process art that can go with me anywhere--on a road trip, traveling on a plane, in session with clients, or out camping.  I love creating space for others to start their own art journal.  Sometimes we use re-purposed books and other times we create our own journals to work in.  

The simple process is one you can use on your own to continue your creative practice and easily share with others at work, at home or with friends.  The workshop is a welcomed retreat for therapists, teachers, parents, writers, art journalers, gift givers and more.

Transform Trash to Treasure: Journal-making re-invented.

 Bring your cardboard, interesting junk mail, magazine pages, brown-paper bags, and innovative spirits.  

This evening is all about fun, transformation of our trash, learning a simple bookmaking technique, and sharing

community through creativity with a “process-art” focus. 

Corbin Art Center, Spokane, WA

December 6th, 2020: 9am-4pm

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Art Journaling  Emerge Art Center, Couer d'Alene Idaho  

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