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Process arts involve a way of being with your creative process and your life that encourages abundant presence, emotional awareness and courage.  You can expect play, group interaction, strengthened intuition, experimentation, new discoveries, break-throughs in stagnant corners, and art that is alive and connected to your story.  The techniques learned shine a light on your engagement with your life and may give you new insights as to how to move through stuck places.  You also may begin to notice differences in your relationships, parenting, health challenges, or even athletic endeavors.  Process arts shift our internal locus of control; and when this compass shifts, everything changes. 

The art making is often on one canvas or surface of your choice throughout the class; other times on a couple surfaces, in an art journal, mask, collage or other art form.  The approach honors our art as a reflecting mirror to us of our life: our fears, strengths, desires, joy, and all other emotions and even sensations in the body.  Each piece of art is directly related to the creator's own life with the focus being a mindful and engaged interaction with the art process.  Process arts access the intuitive, body based intelligence that we all have, offering profound and personal wisdoms.


Spontaneous Process Painting

October 21st and 22nd, 2023





Art Journaling Re-invented

October 20th, 2023







Spontaneous Process Painting

February 12th, 2023



The instruction was outstanding! So generous, gentle, but at the same time powerful and inspirational...I started out in one spiritual place and finished the workshop in the other.  

Workshop Participant


I'd recommend this class because it helps you connect with your truth--if you are feeling stuck or unsure in your life--consider this your initiation to growth. 

Workshop Participant

This class is a special place and time to explore you inner world and let go of the pressures and expectations of our society.  It's a soothing balm to the soul.

Workshop Participant

I would recommend this class to people because talk therapy kinds of things have not been enough for me to fully heal.  As I have aged and live in another culture, I've come to understand that trauma and feelings are also outside the verbal part of the brain.  Just talking about grieving is not enough.  My whole body needs to engage to heal more fully.


I received so much from the class - the only bummer being it went too quickly! I could have deep dived all weekend. I experienced this artful approach to journaling to be very satisfying and cathartic...Bevie is a truly gifted instructor with so much sensitivity and knowledge. It’s clear she’s doing the work. I enjoyed everything about her as a person and as an instructor. 

Workshop Participant

A big thank you for a “ life opening” weekend in Grand Marais with you — it was so much more then I expected !!! You were a spirit guide for me — I am forever grateful !!

Kathy W.


Bevie's Spontaneous Process Painting class allowed me to get out of my head and experiment with art.  I don't do art regularly and don't feel natural about it, so it was a joy to be in a class where there were no expectations except to do what feels appropriate.  When I felt stuck, Bevie had a wonderful way to move me along through a prompt or small personal discussion.  In this class, I was able to express myself from a deeper place without concern for judgment.  I was also reminded that creativity is a process.  I have continued to play with the canvases I used in class long after the class is over, exploring mediums, colors and brush strokes with no concern of what will come from it, but rather taking away ideas of things I gravitate toward as well as those things I don't.  It has given me a way to explore and learn without attachment.  Freedom to create in a safe container.  Thank you Bevie!  

Kate J.

I can't thank you enough for holding this workshop.  I walked in that day worried about my ability to focus on a single canvas and what I could possibly focus on that I haven't already explored about myself.  I needed that workshop because it gave me time to clear away the darkness that's been clouding my mind from work so I could see the bigger picture.  I felt relieved and 'aired' out, and I would recommend this to anyone. I'm glad I have a piece of artwork that represents such a huge piece of me and what I was struggling with that day.  Thank you.  

Have another one soon!!

Naysha S.

I truly felt rejuvenated and immersed in the process.  It was wonderful to be in the creative flow.  Thank you for being you and creating magical opportunities for art and creativity. 



Your process painting workshop was so influential in my work as an artist, art therapist, teacher and supervisor!   Kristen K.

I had an inkling, perhaps a hope that this workshop would crack me open. And it did! I almost feel like I am spinning sometimes. I am trying to let my critical ego take a back seat and let the painting tell me what to do. I thought I had been doing that, but I can see now that I wasn't. Each painting is now feeling like a birthing. The images that are bubbling up from my subconscious are impossible to deny, even when I am trying to hold them back. I keep going back to 'what if'...what if I use red,  what if I start all over again, what if it's a mess.  It is a joy to go to my studio now and even though I have no idea what is going to happen, it is OK.  

Thanks Bevie for your insightful gentle guidance.    Gail W.

“The encouragement to inquire when resistance arrived, to connect to my body, and then to break a rule when a block appeared was very freeing.”  Process orientation helped me approach my canvas bit by bit without worrying about the end/big picture.


“I felt the transition between my art and me throughout the session; one minute digging in on line and form, next into my psyche—very interesting therapy.

“I feel like I’ve been given keys to doors I knew were there but have always been locked….Thank you! I feel liberation from myself in allowing myself to try things out.”


"The class was very inviting and interesting and felt very comfortable with no pressure.  I enjoyed and appreciated the class very much. Thank you."

This class brought hope "Hope is the memory of the future" I feel a release to be me and I can see the "next". Thank you for being an intuitive guide that has been full of wisdom and insight.  You are tender and gentle and yet willing to stretch.  I am so glad I found this next part of my story."  

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