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Trusting Intuitive Wanderings into Whole Person Healing

My hope is to provide spaces and support for people to explore their "soulscapes" in connection to the world around them; creative, cultural and adventurous spaces; natural, peaceful and rejuvenating spaces. Whether in seasons of ease or challenge, I walk with people of all ages into their resiliency, creativity, intuition, spirituality and community.  ArtfulSoulscapes in collaboration with other like-minded sojourners, nourishes and strengthens lives, helping individuals and communities, locally and abroad, to live more fully whole, alive and awake.


Tori F.

I reconnected with areas within myself that have been really “orphaned” and neglected for quite some time.  Thank you so much for guiding so beautifully and providing such a wonderful container!            

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Bevie LaBrie

Artist, Art Therapist, Wilderness Guide

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Inspirations, reflections, resources, art and upcoming events for the soul.

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