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Whole Person Healing
art colony


My hope is to provide spaces and support for people to explore their "soulscapes" in connection to the world around them; creative, cultural and adventurous spaces; natural, peaceful and rejuvinating spaces.  Whether in seasons of ease or challenge, I walk with people of all ages into their resiliency, creativity, intuition, spirituality and community.  ArtfulSoulscapes in collaboration with other like-minded sojourners, nourishes and strengthens lives, helping individuals and communities, locally and abroad, to live more fully whole, alive and awake.


I truly felt rejuvenated and immersed in the process.  It was wonderful to be in the creative flow.  Thank you for creating magical opportunities for art and creativity.     -Ali

This day inspired me to make more art with, and alongside my clients, and I keep seeing shifts in their lives and mine as a result! Thank you Bevie for your encouragement, supply sharing, expertise and gentle way of teaching and prompting us to try new things.         -Jen Alward

I reconnected with areas within myself that have been really “orphaned” and neglected for quite some time.  Thank you so much for guiding so beautifully and providing such a wonderful container!            -Tori Frye


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Bevie LaBrie
Artist, Art Therapist, Wilderness Guide
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“The place spirit calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

                                                                                                           Frederick Beuchner

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